Friday, June 16, 2006

My first pickled post

Who am I? I am a 29 year old male. I shall refer to myself as Mr. Sauerkraut as a reference to part of my background being German and much of my humor being rather sour. Anywho, why I'm Starting this blog: I am starting this blog after much encouragement from my better 3/4 as away to help express my feelings as I tend to be quite shy when it comes to revealing my personal feelings and thoughts. It is my goal to write on this blog at least twice a week; on Sundays, and at least one other day during the week. If you find me slipping, please flame my email ( as I'm quite the procrastinator (I was suppose to start this blog a month ago). The topic for today will be about how to improve my relationship with my better ¾ who I shall refer to as Prinzessin. I believe that my biggest problem is that I believe I have the answer to everything instead of taking the time to listen and take the advice of others. I have a problem with thinking that because I pay a larger portion of the bills and do most of the cooking that the Prinzessin doesn't have much right to complain so I generally don't pay much attention when she does. To be honest, I usually think that she's just tripping and all I have to do is stall her out. Tonight when she brought up the fact that I still haven't done anything to try to work on my communication problems despite promising numerous times, I tried to keep the status quo of saying what I thought she wanted to hear. Of course that doesn't work anymore so I started to pray to myself that we could just get along tonight and the answer that came to my head was just do what I've been promising to do - work on sharing my thoughts and feelings - so here I am. I want to change from having communication problems because at this point in my life I see how it is affecting all facets of my life, not just my relationship with the Prinzessin. Another action I will take in addition to writing in this blog at least twice a week is to try to read my Bible daily. How will this help? I believe that part of my problem communicating is that I can be quite uncaring when it comes to anyone other me. I know sometimes people tell me that I'm a good person and a good Christian but I don't feel that way. I have many personal demons I fight and it’s not always easy as I believe it would be for a good Christian. I know that I have a habit of hearing something good said about me and then doing something to make the person who said it regret doing so. These are things that I have known about myself, but my motivation for actual action this time is that I'm starting to worry that my final destination will be hell if I don't change. Well, I'm starting to get a little tired so I'm going to wrap my babbling up. This is actually quite therapeutic and now I'm wishing that I would have started writing in a blog sooner. If anyone reading this has a second a prayer would definitely be appreciated. Also, don't forget to bomb my email ( if I don't keep this page up!!!!!!